The annual EAG FP seminar took place this year, from the 04th to the 06th of November,in Jever air base located in the north west of Germany close to the Baltic Sea.

_MG_9289Hosted by the German Air Force (DEU AF) Objektschutzregiment der Luftwaffe “Friesland” who provided us with an outstanding welcomein a place steeped in history – the officer’s mess building – and in presence of EAG nations, this conference was a fruitful and successful event.

Mainly focused on enhancing each other’s knowledge on national FP organizations, capabilities and equipments as well as on issues national Air Forces are facing, the seminar has highlighted the necessary adaptability and interoperability of Air FP community in the current context._MG_9419

This conference has been marked by the fascinating lecture of Ltc Seigneur who brought the light on Operation “Serval” with a focus on airfield operations, including initial entry in a hostile environment. And, it was also the occasion to witness, no matter the rain, a very interesting Objektschutzregiment
training capabilities static display followed by a dynamic display.

The seminar ended opening on future lines of convergence issues on which questions and answers are still pending.

Rendez-vous next year in Spain …

For more information about this project please contact FP@euroairgroup.org.