National Specialists Plan Euro Typhoon Live Exercise

Representatives from all four Eurofighter/ Typhoon partner nations met at a Main Planning Conference at RAF High Wycombe on the 12th and 13th of June 2018, to agree the prerequisites for a live flying and ground maintenance exercise in September. This meeting was part of the EAG’s Euro Typhoon Interoperability Project (ETIP) which is aimed at improving interoperability among the four EAG Eurofighter Typhoon nations (Germany, Italy, Spain and UK) in terms of live flying procedures and also ground support.

Exercises are one of the most effective instruments that the EAG employs for increasing interoperability. This year, in parallel with Exercise COBRA WARRIOR, which will be hosted by the UK Royal Air Force at Coningsby in September 2018, aircrew from ETIP nations plan to conduct briefings, flying missions and debriefing sessions, in order to improve Standard Operating Procedures and exchange information and lessons based on recent air operations. Ground support staff will also conduct demonstrations of maintenance procedures and cross-national familiarisation sessions using various types of support equipment.

These activities will take place under the title of ‘VOLCANEX’, which is the EAG’s umbrella name for its exercises. The VOLCANEX ETIP 2018 has been scheduled to take advantage of the planned of collocation in the UK of ETIP assets taking part in Exercise COBRA WARRIOR, thereby making the most of the available synergies and removing the need for ETIP air forces to generate additional resources to support the EAG’s objectives.

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