NATO Air Chiefs’ Symposium

The EAG Deputy Director, Air Commodore Robert Adang, attended the second NATO Air Chiefs’ Symposium of 2017, which took place on 16 and 17 October. The Symposium was hosted by Allied Air Command at Ramstein Airbase in Germany and was opened by General Tod Wolters, Commander Allied Air Command, who highlighted NATO’s strategic shift from assurance to deterrence. This theme provides valuable context for the EAG and the EAG’s work was referenced on several occasions during presentations.

During the Symposium, Air Commodore Adang met with NATO air chiefs and senior officers, in order to strengthen cooperation and participation in EAG projects, including the EAG’s Combined Air Interoperability Programme. The Symposium also provided an opportunity to develop the EAG’s working relationships with other organizations and strengthen its network of associates.


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