13th EAG Advanced Aviation Medicine Course at RAF Henlow

13th AvMed Course MapThe initial ‘kick-off’ meeting of the 13th EAG Advanced Aviation Medicine (AvMed) Course took place on 18th September at the UK Centre of Aviation Medicine at RAF Henlow.

No comparable course for aviation medicine exists within Europe. The EAG Advanced AvMed Course is therefore a highly successful template for international cooperation, involving training for medical personnel from the EAG Nations, as well as students from other countries, including Finland, Norway and the United States.

The EAG Advanced AvMed Course primarily provides advanced training for flight surgeons. Its overall objective is to provide Senior Medical officers (SMO’s) with training and updates on the newest developments in the field of AvMed and enable them to perform high-level Staff duties, as well to advise military policy makers on AvMed related matters. The AvMed Course consists of a modular structure, which embraces several different training locations, providing the participants with direct exposure to the most up to date AvMed Centres and procedures being employed throughout Europe.

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