13th EAG Advanced Aviation Medicine Course

The 13th AvMed Course closing ceremony took place on the 27th October 2017 in the French Military Medicine Academy called “Ecole du Val de Grace” in Paris. Maj. General Cavallo, Director of the French Military Medicine Academy, Maj.General Lecureux, Deputy Director of the Direction of the French Armed Health Service (DCSSA), General Halbert, Chief of the Operational Division DCSSA, General Rouhard, French Armed Health Service Inspection and Air Commodore Robert Adang, Deputy Director of the EAG, presided the ceremony. Maj. General Cavallo delivered the AvMed Course certificates to seven senior medical officers from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United States of America, Norway and Finland. The Advanced AvMed Course, which provides advanced training for Flight Surgeons in the field of AvMed, has taken place along six weeks in the Aviation Medicine institutes of Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and France.

34 AvMed Course Ceremony (800x533)

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