32nd Aviation Medicine CB Meeting in Rome

32CB-1The 32nd EAG Aviation Medicine Coordination Board (AvMed CB) meeting took place in the Italian Air Force HQ, Rome during the 26th and 27th October 2016. The CB comprises one or more specialist representatives from each EAG nation The AvMed CB ordinarily meets twice per year to plan and supervise the overall activities under the authority of the AvMed TA. The AvMed TA is the foundation document of the AvMed CB. The CB discussed topics including the High Cost Equipment TA, the Advanced AvMed Course, Flight Crew licensing, RPAS Human Factors training, Flight Surgeon training, International organizations and other relevant medical aeronautical issues. The CB members also had the opportunity to attend, along with the 12th AvMed Course Students, a demonstration class on the Highly Infectious Air Evacuation capabilities in the ITAF AB Pratica di Mare.

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