Advance Interoperable Load Management Course

Advance In151202 5-¦ CURSO A-400 (5)teroperable Load Management Course (AILMC) The AILMC is a train-the-trainer course and, since 2010, has been hosted on an annual rotational basis between the EAG Nations.

In 2015, the fifth edition of this course was carried out in Zaragoza Air Base, Spain, from the 23rd of November to the 4th of December. EADA or “Escuadrón de apoyo al Despliegue Aéreo” (Air Deployable Support Squadron) was successfully hosting and supporting this course within its premises in Zaragoza. And instructors from Belgium, France, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and EATC joined the Spanish instructors to make the most of this two weeks course.

This course is designated for experienced senior NCOs or junior officers with thorough knowledge of their national load handling process and related dangerous goods aspects. The AILMC consists of academics and multinational training activities where attendants get to know the specifications of the most commonly transport planes used in Europe. The course aims at strengthening already existing competencies, skills and experience based on regulations of ICAO, FAA, NATO, EAG and EATC[1]. It also includes updates on the latest developments used within the EAG Nations, including training in special procedures such as engine running on/ offloads and winching. This year the course was improved including practice training on a UK A400M and night operations with the use of Night Vision Googles (NVGs). Additionally, Spanish Air Force supported the training granting access to a C-130 and a CN-295.

Over the years, the need and importance for international cooperation in the air transportation domain has increased. It has become common practice that more nations contribute to an operation. With that, the demands on modern air transport and capabilities handling passengers, luggage, cargo and mail in a multinational environment have grown. The Advanced Interoperable Loading Management Course (AILMC) offers opportunities to increase knowledge, skills and experience between international experts and various organizations that have a discipline in ground handling and air terminal operations.

The necessity for cross-national training is particularly applicable to personnel who will work with aircraft assigned to the EATC, as they will not know exactly which aircraft type might be allocated to fulfil a mission. It is vitally important therefore that all Air Movements personnel are trained to operate using agreed Multi National Standards such as the CATO SOP and know where to access details of all EAG Aircraft and any other relevant interoperability details.

In September2016, The Netherlands is scheduled to host the next course, hence, making it a solid and experienced event within the EAG.

[1] International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), European Air Group (EAG), European Air Transport Command (EATC).

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