Air Cyber Defence

The EAG Steering Group, held in Poggio Renatico the 8 July 15, tasked the EAG to work towards Interoperability of Future Combine Air Operations.  As a part of this broad work, Cyber Defence has become a very important subject for EAG.


Air forces are conscious that Cyberspace will allow them to deliver physical and virtual battle winning effects.  The Cyber component can be utilised in support of air power but air power must also be used in support of the cyber component too. It is therefore more crucial than ever to coordinate the activities cyber within the Air component.  The cyber culture needs to work its way into the minds of Air operators and planners.  Resources specialised in cyber defence need to be trained.   Everybody must understand what cyber can do to improve the effectiveness and planning of operations.  Coordination, in terms of time and physical space in order to make the cyber and air operations cycles more coherent, is also at stake. Air C2 assets must also be coupled with cyber C2 assets.  Additionally, forces will also have to develop a recognised cyber picture integrated within the vision of the future ‘combat cloud’.

In order to collate this vision, the first EAG Cyber Seminar was held in the EAG 13 – 14 Oct 15.  The objectives were to develop Air Cyber Defence interoperability in air forces at a multinational level. Very challenging, the aims were to:

  • Understand cyber risks in our air forces
  • Identify air cyber defence challenges (education, training, management of risks for Air Ops, exchange of ideas, concepts, sharing of best practises, Cyber Defence as part of the Air Ops planning process, etc.) at a multinational level
  • Evaluate the need to harmonize a number of these challenges at a multinational level
  • Determine a potential role for the EAG to help nations to resolve these challenges.

20151019-Presentation_Photo_Cyder_Defence_Seminar_Oct15_EAGAll EAG nations and NATO AIRCOM were represented at this seminar.  During the seminar, Nations agreed to improve their mutual understanding of their respective activities and NATO decided to liaise with the EAG to exchange information about the NATO Cyber concept and training.  To enable future multinational Cyber capabilities, the EAG is investigating the exchange of information in a coalition and is working on the strengthening of the resilience.

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