Air Launched Cruise Missile CPX

The EAG project concerned with Air Launched Cruise Missiles (ALCM) has taken a significant step forward, with the successful completion of its first two-day Command Post Exercise (CPX) at Torrejon Air Base in Spain, on 29 and 30 May 2018. Under the umbrella EAG title of ‘VOLCANEX ALCM CPX’ the event included participants from the Air Forces of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, NATO HQ AIRCOM and the NATO Combined Air Operations Centre at Torrejon (CAOCT).

The aim of the ALCM project is to enhance the combat capability of the EAG Nations by training Mission Commanders in procedures for multinational Stand-off missile attacks.

The VOLCANEX ALCM was based on the Spanish Air Force series of TAUREX exercises, which train national personnel to plan, handle and employ the TAURUS Stand-off missile. With the agreement of the Spanish Air Force and in cooperation with the CAOCT, the EAG Permanent Staff conducted the VOLCANEX as a multinational planning exercise that concerned the deployment of German and Spanish TAURUS missiles, French SCALPE missiles and other relevant challenges and factors.

Liaison officers from all of the participating EAG nations, as well as subject matter experts from Italy and NATO planned and rehearsed procedures for time-compressed, coordinated and complex attack scenarios, utilising facilities at CAOCT and in coordination with national stand-off missile planning cells of France, Germany and Spain.

By successfully conducting this VOLCANEX, the EAG has built on the agreements and developments achieved in the first year of the ALCM project’s existence and created a valuable training opportunity, not only for the EAG nations, but also for the NATO personnel and organizations involved.

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