New Chairman of the EAG Aviation Medicine Coordination Board

The 38th EAG Aviation Medicine (AvMed) Coordination Board Meeting was held in Soesterberg, Netherlands, on 23 and 24 October 2019. The Board meets twice each year at various locations on a rotational basis, and is the central policy-making and activity body in what is a highly successful and mature interoperability domain for the EAG.

This 38th Board Meeting, which was warmly hosted by the Centre for Man in Aviation of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, focused on the next steps to create a virtual AvMed network; aimed at promoting closer co-operation across a range of specialist areas and utilising the EAG’s AvMed SharePoint to share common documents.

After almost 20 years of being a member of the EAG AvMed CB, and the last 4 years in the role of Chairman, Col (ITA) Francesco Torchia sadly left the Board, and Col (ESP) Carlos Velasco took the helm to become the new Chairman of the CB.











The Board is a unique forum, where information is shared amongst AvMed specialists throughout the EAG’s network, in order to identify possible areas of interoperability that can be developed in order to produce tangible results. National representatives are able to seek inputs from other CB colleagues about the different national approaches to common AvMed issues; these are discussed both during the Board Meetings and also on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

The Board’s origins stem back to the 1st EAG AvMed Project meeting, which took place on 30 May 2001 at the EAG Headquarters, at RAF High Wycombe in the UK. Subsequently, the AvMed Technical Arrangement (TA) was developed, and was signed by the 7 EAG Air Forces’ Chiefs of Staff in 2005, providing the legal framework under which the Board operates. The Board comprises one or more specialist representatives from each participating nation, and plans and supervises its business under the authority of the AvMed TA.

During this 38th Meeting, several policies were discussed, such as RPAS medical training and requirements, international Aviation Medicine organisations, research catalogue of topics in Aviation Medicine and High Cost Equipment exchange.

Additionally, the CB members attended the closure ceremony of the 15th EAG Advanced AvMed Course on 25th of October; this had been completed by students coming from both EAG and Non-EAG countries, including the USA and New Zealand. Indicating the diversity of the EAG’s AvMed activities and interests, the Graduation Ceremony included presentations given by the graduating students, about the comparison of military and civilian aircrew medical requirements in colour perception standard in aircrew.









The next milestone will be the 39th AvMed Coordination Board Meeting, which is scheduled to take place on 30 March and 01 April 2020 in High Wycombe (United Kingdom).


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