CAIP Management Board Looks to the Future

The Management Board for the EAG’s Combined Air Interoperability Programme (CAIP) met on 3 May at RAF High Wycombe in the UK, to discuss key issues and shape the path of the CAIP over the coming years. This meeting was the first in the normal governance cycle for the CAIP, having been preceded by a kick-off meeting to initiate the Board’s activities in December 2017.

The CAIP has been developed under the direction of the EAG Steering Group, which comprises the air chiefs of the seven EAG Nations, to address the interoperability challenges that will need to be resolved for operations involving combinations of 4th and 5th generation weapon systems. The role of the Board, which comprises OF5/6 representatives from each of the EAG nations and can include observers from relevant partner organizations, is to manage the CAIP in the context of current and forecast developments, and to make recommendations for consideration by the EAG’s Steering Group at air chief level.

This latest Meeting was Chaired by the EAG Deputy Director, Air Commodore Robert Adang, and was attended by representatives from HQ Allied Air Command and the Joint Air Power Competence Centre, which are both involved in specific challenges within the CAIP. The Board discussed the progress of the CAIP in the context of new challenges affecting the EAG Nations, including changes in national and multinational training requirements, and the potential impact of the Single European Sky programme that is being introduced through Eurocontrol. The presence of representatives from two other organizations at this Board meeting, is an indication of the CAIP’s relevance for partners beyond the EAG Nations and the Programme is increasingly becoming a catalyst for strengthening networks as well as capabilities. The next stages in the CAIP’s governance cycle are the presentation of the latest version of the central CAIP Document to the EAG Steering Group on 6 June and the second CAIP Management Board Meeting of 2018, which is scheduled to take place in the Autumn.


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