Digital Close Air Support – Improved Data Modem

Digital Close Air Support – Improved Data Modem


20140424-DCASIDM 2The objectives of the Digital Close Air Support Improved Data Modem trial are as follows:

  • To establish an inventory of the current IDM systems used by the nations and propose a compatibility matrix and capability for the various IDM systems;
  • To evaluate the capability for interoperability between the IDM systems;
  • To trial the interoperability of IDM systems via ground bench testing and during a live flying trial;
  • To assess possible future actions to help build a more robust interoperability.

Completion phases in process

  • Gathering of IDM technical information (technology and operational use) regarding use by the Nations, to make a matrix of possible interoperability/compatibility;
  • Confirmation of commitment from Nations (although the accepted rule indicates that only two interested nations would be enough to go ahead with any project, it is recommendable, in this particular case, to count with a minimum of three nations and a bigger participation, if it is achieved, would be an added value to the project).

Related products20140424-DCASIDM 1

  • Two IDM interoperability matrixes have been issued at the end of the Dry Tests held in April 2009, where some Ground stations were missing and some simulations of aircrafts were achievable only partially or not available;
  • Those resultsm though comprehensive and satisfactorym must be completed during future Live tests with real aircrafts and additional ground stations;
  • Because of its classification, the report of the Dry Tests is to be requested from the CIS Section of the EAG. The details of the originator and the rationale behind the request must be included.

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