EAG CIS Community Looks to the Future

The first of two annual EAG Communication Information Systems (CIS) Meetings this year has taken place, strengthening the EAG’s CIS community and network. The Meeting at EVREUX Air Base (France) from 21-22 March, well-hosted by the ‘Escadre Aérienne de Commandement et de Conduite Projetable’ (EAC2P) and provided a valuable opportunity for exchanging information on CIS matters, planning future CIS activities and developing existing lines of work.

The Meeting involved representatives from all of the EAG Nations. The discussion topics included the role of CIS in the EAG’s overarching work concerning the Interoperability of Future Combined Air Operations (IFCAO) and also a review of the Private Automatic Branch Exchange Manual (PBAX).  This latter initiative is intended to facilitate the direct interconnection between the tactical automatic telephone switching systems in an air coalition, emphasizing the role of new VoIP equipment.

Additionally, the EAG CIS Tactical Platform Project was explored, with the aim of establishing a web-based platform hosted on the EAG Extranet that will allow the hierarchy and links between all EAG CIS products to be reviewed, optimized and updated. The platform will also improve the distribution of CIS information and increase the coherence of documents. The Meeting was an excellent opportunity to discuss and collate suggestions and requirements from subject matter experts (SMEs) at an early stage of the Project’s development.

Amongst other activities there was unanimous agreement that an exercise focused on CIS should be scheduled to test, refine and develop EAG CIS products. Under the EAG’s generic exercise title of ‘VOLCANEX’ a CIS  exercise will enable CIS engineers from EAG nations to be trained in a multinational environment and to identify new CIS challenges in the Air domain.


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