EAG CIS Meeting at RAF Leeming – 27-29 Sep 16

CIS meeting3 Open DiscussionOn the 27th of September 2016, the second biannual Communication Information Systems (CIS) meeting met at the RAF Leeming Air Base which was hosted by the 90 Signals Unit (SU).

The aim of these CIS SMEs meeting is to increase the interoperability between the EAG nations in the CIS domain and developing specific tasks, projects and activities that cover the common needs of the EAG Nations.

After an introductory presentation about the 90 SU, the EAG Personnel stimulated the audience to consider a number of issues by use of brainstorming and open discussions. These included future challenges that EAG Nations we will face in the CIS field; challenges that are closely connected toCIS meeting2 Brain storming the dynamism and complexity of operational scenarios and to the rapid technology development. Taking these discussions into consideration, the CIS representatives of EAG nations have subsequently revisited the activities carried out jointly within the EAG, reformulating and assigning them an appropriate priority, taking their impact on Air Power into consideration.

Afterwards, in order to increase mutual understanding among the CIS EAG nations actors, the meeting continued with presentations concerning the CIS deployable capability of Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. The meeting at RAF Leeming concluded with a very interesting visit to the 90 SU facilities and their equipment.

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