EAG Cyber Defence Seminar in London

The 2nd EAG Cyber Defence Seminar, involving specialists from several nations, took place on 18 and 19 October at the Ministry of Defence in London.  The Seminar was enabled and supported by UK cyber specialists and also involved representatives from Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and AIRCOM, along with industry representation from Thales, which attended on the first day.

The Seminar provided a valuable opportunity to assess changes since the previous Seminar and discuss new developments.  During the EAG Working Group on 05 October, it was agreed that an EAG Cyber Defence meeting should be held annually, to enable EAG Nations to share developments, best practices and training opportunities.

Image courtesy of TechRadar.

Image courtesy of TechRadar.

Several EAG Cyber Defence projects have been established to enable EAG Nations to have better mutual visibility of their Cyber domains.  Cyber training and education, at an unclassified level, will be one of the main topics for discussion in subsequent meetings.  The next EAG Cyber meeting will be scheduled in June 2017.

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