EAG CYBER Meeting in Berlin (DEU) – 22-23 May 2019

On the 22 and 23 May 2019, the annual CYBER meeting took place in Berlin  (BEL) and was hosted at the “GERMAN AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS (GAF HQ)”.




The agenda of this meeting was:

  1. Review of Action Items;
  2. Cyber Information Domain (CID) service in the Bundeswehr;
  3. Air Cyber Perimeter;
  4. National Cyber exercises and courses;
  5. AJP 3.20 and NATO AIRCOM´s cyber projects;
  6. Cyber in OPS (planning cycle, AOC) and JAPCC´s cyber projects;
  7. Recognised Air Cyber Picture (RACP);
  8. Obsolescence of Systems;
  9. Future network and cyber defence;
  10. EDA´s Cyber projects (Courses, Platforms, Technologies, Exercises, MIL OPS, Threat Detection and Digital Forensic);
  11. Future Projects.

This CYBER meeting was a real success for addressing so many Air specific challenges in the CYBER domain.

Year after year EAG nations and EAG partners are building a trustworthy forum.