EAG-EDA Meeting – 12-13 Oct 16

French CoE PhotoFrom 12 – 13 October EAG PS attended the 12th meeting of the European Defence Agency Medium Altitude Long Endurance Remotely Piloted Air System (EDA MALE RPAS) Community meeting at Salon-de-Provence Air Base in France. The EAG and EDA are working collaboratively to deliver a harmonised MALE RPAS training solution to promote interoperability between national RPAS operations. The EAG and EDA will cooperate to create and introduce a networked generic MALE RPAS ISR procedural training system that will promote common best practice and enhance mutual understanding of MALE RPAS ISR techniques and SOPs. Following some French Air Force capability demonstrations and briefings this meeting focused on the approval of the Tender Specification that the EDA is publishing to industry to supply and maintain the network of procedural training systems. The EAG will, through consultation with national centres of excellence, devise and deliver a harmonised training program that, based on EUMS published scenarios, will allow nationally qualified MALE RPAS operators to perfect ISR procedural SOPs and share best practice. The project expects to see its first all nation networked training exercise to take place within 2 years.

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