EAG Examines Potential for Aircraft Cross-Servicing

As a result of several recent developments and multi-national exercises, the EAG is exploring opportunities for developing aircraft cross-servicing capabilities amongst its air forces.  Aircraft cross serving effectively involves the pooling of resources needed for providing ground services to aircraft, but requires common agreements, standards, procedures and training to implement. Some initiatives are already bearing fruit and recent experience gained during EAG Eurofighter Typhoon Interoperability Project work and also the Dissimilar Air Combat Training in Gran Canaria in January indicate that there is significant potential for further improving interoperability in aircraft cross-servicing. There would be many benefits of doing so, including a reduction in manpower requirements, resource-savings through the sharing of equipment and lighter logistics footprints. This subject has also caught the attention of NATO and the Joint Airpower Competence Centre (JAPCC) with whom the EAG is now engaging in order to take its work forward.

Images courtesy of the Spanish Air Force Facebook Page.


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