EAG Force Protection C2 Standardisation Workshop 31 January 2017

FP Conference 2017Standardisation in the field of air Force Protection C2 is one of the main goals of the EAG FP Team. On 31st January 2017 the EAG hosted an AIR FP C2 Standardisation workshop at the EAG HQ at RAF High Wycombe. The meeting was co-chaired by the EAG FP Team and the JAPCC FP subject matter expert, in order to kick-start the development of a generic Air FP structure applicable to homeland MOBs and DOBs elsewhere.

Along with staff from the EAG and the JAPCC, FP specialists took part from all EAG nations – Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK – and also Norway. The participants were welcomed by the Deputy Director EAG, Air Commodore Robert Adang, who summed up the importance of Air FP as an enabler for real life operations by saying:

“Flying  …. is nice, but it is even nicer to return to the DOB when you know that it is the only secure place …., because professionally trained FP specialists guard it.”

A crucial component when preparing for a multinational deployment into a hostile environment is standardisation. The EAG FP Team is aiming to provide detailed Air FP recommendations that will assist the EAG Nations and Partners in the development of a common Air Force Protection Command and Control capability.  Additionally, the EAG aims to develop other FP products, including Standardized Operating Procedures and Job Descriptions, to support FP commanders and personnel when deployed on exercises or operations.

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