EAG FP Seminar 2017

FP Seminar 17 2The EAG Force Protection (FP) Seminar 2017 was held in the Netherlands at Gilze-Rijen Air Base in the southern province of Brabant, from 19-21 Sep 2017. Representatives from the EAG Nations FP community, the Royal Norwegian Air Force, JAPCC and from ASIC (Air and Space Interoperability Council) all gathered to brief and discuss national FP capabilities, homeland operations experiences and to inform the EAG Air FP community about the FP project within EAG and JAPCC.

The first day of the Seminar was mainly focused on presentations from the EAG, JAPCC, and national presentations from the Netherlands, Spain, France, Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom. After each presentation, the participants were invited to ask questions, to discuss similar experiences and moreover to identify similar issues within their respective organisation / nation.

On the second day, a visit was planned to the Netherlands Joint CBRN Defence Centre near the city of Vught. In the morning, briefings were given about the CBRN incident response unit, the CBRN Defence School and the CBRN Centre of Knowledge. Developments in the Dutch CBRN defence philosophy and future equipment were briefed as well. The morning was concluded with a static display of the equipment of the CBRN Response unit for homeland operations.

In the afternoon, a guided tour over the training facilities was given. The CBRN National Training Facility (also a part of the CBRN Defence Centre) was regarded as a highly impressive training facility. The facility consists of a mock highway, shopping street, hospital casualty ward and an underground train station. The tour was ended with a demonstration by a CBRN incident response team regarding the handling of a suspected package in the underground station.

On the last day of the Seminar, the remainder of the national presentations from Belgium and Italy were given. Furthermore, the ASIC representative gave a presentation about
their organisation and FP projects within it. The Seminar was closed in the afternoon with presentations from the Nations about the FP involvement in Homeland Security operations.

All Nations and participating Organizations were very pleased about the organization and the content of the seminar. The next FP Seminar will be held in Orange, France, in 2018.

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