EAG Hands Over its Air Movement Activities

EATC takes over FIT and AILM Courses

On Thursday 15 September 2016 and according to the agreement made in 2014, the European Air Group (EAG) handed over the Advance Interoperable Load Management Course (AILMC) to the European Air Transport Command (EATC) at Eindhoven Airbase.

Both organizations have shared interests in the Air Transport domain.

In this respect the EAG and the EATC co-organized in 2016 both the AILMC and FIT Courses.

Following the handover, the EAG is fully confident that the EATC will develop the course further to its next level. Having the course leadership and aircraft resources under a single EATC umbrella will facilitate the organization of this event while also making it even more efficient and productive.

Advanced Interoperable Load Management Course

The AILMC was introduced in 2010 by the EAG as a train-the-trainer event to increase the level of knowledge and skills of already experienced movement personnel, thus allowing candidates to conduct tasks such as processing passengers, luggage, cargo and mail for air transport purposes in a multinational environment.

The latest EAG course was held by the Royal Netherlands Air Force at Eindhoven Air Base between 5th and 16th September 2016. Eleven students (junior officers and NCOs) from Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain attended this course. Additionally, instructors from the EATC and four different Nations (BEL, ESP, FRA and NLD) took part, delivering some lessons.

The next course is scheduled to take place in June 2017 at RAF Brize Norton Airbase (UK).

Force Integration Training Course

The latest edition of FIT course was held at Villafranca Airbase by the Italian Air Force 3rd Wing from 6th to 10th Jun 2016. It was the sixth course after this activity began in 2011.

The FIT is a one-week basic training course for junior air movement personnel. It is aimed at providing junior ground handlers with skills and knowledge necessary to integrate successfully into a multinational environment.

The 2016 course involved 19 students and 3 observers from Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Lithuania and the EATC. Additionally, four different aircraft were available (ITA C-27 Spartan and B-767, Belgium C-130 and NLD KC-10), to make some loading/unloading training and to learn about their particularities and features. Crews were involved in this activity giving the lessons a higher value. This was one of the highlights of the course, as it gave the opportunity to learn about different platforms. The EATC played an important role scheduling these aircraft to support the course.

The next course is scheduled to take place in September 2017 at Villafranca Airbase where it is normally hosted by the Italian Air Force 3rd Wing.

The next course will be held in the same way but this time under EATC frame once its responsibility has been transferred from EAG.20161010-AILMC Handover Action

This courses are highly beneficial for both unexperienced and experienced movers, who benefit from multinational work and can learn about aircraft they are not used to and which, on the other hand, are frequently flown throughout Europe.

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