EAG Launches New Force Integration Training Syllabus for Refuelling Operations

FARP 2The EAG has launched a new training syllabus to train personnel involved in refuelling during multinational operations and exercises. Entitled ‘Force Integration Training (for) Forward Arming and Refuelling Point’ the syllabus provides practical, standardized preparation and information for logisticians and helicopter aircrew who are engaged in Forward Arming and Refuelling Point (FARP) activities. FARPs are usually temporary locations that can be rapidly established or relocated in order to provide tactical resupply and refuelling services in support of deployed helicopter operations. The potential differences between helicopter types, refuelling equipment and procedures present at a multinational FARP have led to the establishment of the Syllabus, which will enable all personnel involved in such activities to operate together more safely and effectively.

The Syllabus has been produced by the EAG permanent Staff in conjunction with subject matter experts from the seven EAG Nations. The Syllabus is intended as a preparation package for personnel during the lead-in phase of multinational exercises or operations, under the direction of Lead Nations. During its development in 2017, a draft version of the Syllabus was assessed and improved during the Air-Centric Personnel Recovery Operatives’ Course (APROC) at Rivolto Airbase in Italy. Now that the new Syllabus has been formally published, will be used for the first time during the next APROC, which is scheduled to take place at Gilze-Rijen Airbase in the Netherlands in May this year. More generally, the Syllabus is available for use by the EAG Nations during any relevant multinational FARP events in the future and it will be reviewed and updated when required by the EAG Permanent Staff.

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