EAG Launches the 14th Advanced Aviation Medicine Course

The 14th EAG Advanced Aviation Medicine Course began on 17 September 2018 at the French Military Medicine Academy “Ecole du Val-de-Grâce” in Paris, France. The Advanced Aviation Medicine, or ‘AvMed’, course provides advanced training for senior flight surgeons in this specialist field, which is also known as flight medicine or aerospace medicine. Broadly, the objectives of the AvMed Course are to expose Senior Medical Officers to the latest AvMed developments, provide them with instruction in medical procedures, and equip them to perform high-level staff duties and advise military policy makers on AvMed related matters.

The 14th AvMed course will take place over the course of six weeks and will be conducted in seven AvMed centres beginning in France, before moving on to Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and the UK. This course is an invaluable opportunity for senior medical staff to gain experience of working in different national facilities, learn new techniques and share best practises directly with colleagues from other countries.



The benefits of the AvMed Course extend beyond the EAG and in addition to students from EAG nations France, Germany and Italy, this latest course includes students from the United States, Sweden and the Czech Republic. The variety of multinational inputs and lessons during the course combine to provide a unique training platform and enhance its value and influence. This latest course is scheduled to graduate in the UK on 26 October.

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