EAG and NCIA Explore Common Ground

As part of the ongoing EAG campaign to strengthen its network of partner organisations, staff from the EAG’s CIS/Cyber Team met with representatives from the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) in The Hague on 23 February. Both the EAG and the NCIA have shared interests in finding practical solutions to current and emerging CIS and Cyber challenges. The aim of this meeting was to explore opportunities for both organisations to collaborate on projects and activities in the CIS and Cyber domains.

The NCIA carries out activities in support of NATO and National requirements. Amongst other subjects the NCIA representative, Dr Michael D Street, highlighted the support that the NCIA provides to the NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control (NAEW&C) Programme in the operations, sustainment and modernisation phases. In turn, the EAG staff introduced the NCIA to the roles and functions of the EAG and highlighted the importance of the EAG’s CIS and Cyber projects, particularly in the context of broader EAG work concerning Interoperability of Future Combined Air Operation (IFCAO).

The staff from both organisations were able to identify common areas of interest and opportunities for mutual cooperation.  The meetings established a valuable foundation for collaborative EAG and NCIA work in the future, including the identification of training exercises and sharing of information about procedures and relevant IFCAO and NCIA work.

Article thumbnail picture courtesy of TechRadar.

NCIA EAG Meeting v1