EAG RPAS Training Takes Off


Between 13 and 16 Nov 18, the 14th EMALE Community Meeting hosted by the European Defence Agency (EDA) and the 1st IMRIT Workshop organised by the European Air Group (EAG) were held at RAF High Wycombe.  The Meeting and the Workshop was attended by staff from the EDA and EAG, and representatives from seven member nations (GRC, CZE, ITA, GBR, POL, BEL and NLD) covering many work strands related to the future of MALE RPAS interoperability training in a synthetic environment. 

This first workshop focussed on the ISR MALE RPAS Interoperability Training (IMRIT) programme using the RPAS Training Technology Demonstrator (RTTD) system, already installed in seven of the ten participating nations.  By Feb 19 it is anticipated that RTTD terminals will be installed in all of the participating nations (FRA, ITA, ESP, NLD, GRC, POL, CZE, BEL, GBR and DEU) with a view to starting combined networked synthetic training in Apr 19.  This will culminate in a series of EAG-run VOLCANEX synthetic exercises in Autumn 19.  The Workshop also covered the establishment of Terms of Reference, development of Training Material, and reached agreement on national responsibilities within the project.  This Workshop is the first step in establishing an European network of MALE RPAS operators with a view to progressing onto networked training, mutual cooperation and sharing of best practices. 

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