EAG Strengthens Links with NATO International Staff

As part of the EAG’s campaign to strengthen relationships with stakeholder organizations, preliminary staff talks took place at RAF High Wycombe on 02 November between the EAG and NATO’s International Staff Defence Investment division. This engagement followed on from discussions earlier in the year in Brussels, Belgium, involving the Deputy Director EAG Air Commodore Robert Adang and counterparts at NATO Headquarters.

This latest meeting focussed on the potential for mutual cooperation in project areas across the EAG’s four functional domains of Air Operations, Force Protection, Logistics and CIS/ Cyber. Particular attention was also paid to the EAG’s Combined Air Interoperability Programme, concerning 4th-5th Generation air system interoperability. The meeting involved the EAG Deputy Director, the Chief of Staff Colonel Stephane Pierre and Mr Donald Turnbull from the NATO Aerospace Capabilities Section. As a result, both organizations have agreed to share information concerning relevant projects and to continue to build relationships through dialogue and participation in each other’s events and forums.

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