EAG Takes Steps to Exploit Future Exercises

FP TableFollowing the development of improved procedures earlier this year, the Coordination Board for the EAG’s Advanced Training and Exercises Master Plan (ATMP) met on 22 November 2017 at RAF High Wycombe, UK. The ATMP is a planning tool that encourages interoperability and supports the EAG nations and all of the EAG functional domains, by coordinating training and exercises within one combined planning format. The ATMP Board not only reviewed the new procedures, but also looked ahead in order to consider the impact that changes in national and multinational programmes could have on planning for future training and exercises. The Board comprised representatives from the planning departments of the seven EAG Nations and was Chaired and supported by members of the EAG Permanent Staff, including the staff of the new Coordination Cell for the ATMP.

The Board meets annually, therefore the next meeting is not scheduled until Autumn 2018.  However, changes that were agreed at this latest meeting may be implemented in the near future and the ATMP is subject to a continuous update and review process.


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