EAG Working Group Meets to Discuss the Next Steps

The latest EAG Working Group Meeting took place on 18 April at the Spanish Air Force (Ejercito del Aire) Headquarters in Madrid, Spain. This was a key OF4/5 forum in the EAG’s governance cycle, which was attended by the Working Group representatives from all seven EAG Nations, along with Colonel Herve Lahille from the French Air Force, who is scheduled to take over as the EAG Chief of Staff from Colonel Stephane Pierre in the Summer.

In his opening remarks, the EAG Deputy Director, Air Commodore Robert Adang (Royal Netherlands Air Force) stressed the importance of this forum and the roles of the Working Group Representatives in ensuring a viable future path for the EAG’s work and providing the essential links between the EAG Permanent Staff and the EAG’s seven air forces. The Working Group discussed a broad range of project areas and agreed on courses of action and future developments in several domains, including communications and information systems (CIS), force protection, logistics and air operations, as well as improvements to the EAG’s internal processes. The Meeting was chaired by the EAG Chief of Staff and was extremely well supported and hosted by the Spanish Air Force. The next events in the EAG’s formal governance cycle include the top-level Steering Group meeting in Brussels, Belgium, in June, followed by the second Working Group meeting of 2018, which is scheduled to take place in November.

EAG WG 18-1 group

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