EAG’s 4th-5th Generation Interoperability Programme Takes a Key Step Forward

CAIP meeting 1The first main Workshop of the EAG’s Combined Air Interoperability Programme (CAIP) took place at RAF High Wycombe in the UK on 21-22 March. This Workshop was a key part of the work cycle for the CAIP, which is the EAG’s 4th-5th generation interoperability programme. The event was extremely well supported by thirty subject matter experts from the EAG Nations, Denmark, NATO Allied Air Command, the European Defence Agency, the Joint Air Power Competence Centre, the United States Air Forces Europe and the Tactical Leadership Programme. The overall theme of this first CAIP Workshop was training, however, under this umbrella a broad range of subject matter was discussed, ranging from synthetic networking to operational training infrastructure.

The Workshop was opened and concluded by the EAG Deputy Director, Air Commodore Robert Adang (Royal Netherlands Air Force) who stressed in his remarks the vital importance of the contributions from the representatives towards the development of 4th-5th generation interoperability. The discussions and the conclusions of the Workshop focused on specific project areas within the CAIP, which will now be developed and moved forward along agreed roadmaps based on the Workshop conclusions. The next stages in the CAIP governance cycle will include a meeting of the CAIP Management Board in May and a report to the top level EAG Steering Group Meeting in June. Further CAIP events, potentially including a second workshop, are being planned for later in 2018.

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