ETIP Meeting Grosseto

22/04/2015 – Concluded at the 4th Wing of Grosseto the 1st meeting of 2015 of the Euro Typhoon Interoperability Programme (ETIP)

The Euro Typhoon Interoperability Programme is Chaired by the EAG (EuETIP Meetingropean Air Group).  The programme includes a series of meetings, every six months, aimed at exploring the possibilities of cooperation between thefive European nations operating the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Cooperation is orientated to training activities, operationalenhancements, logistical and maintenance initiatives, as well as the field of Flight Safety.

Over the two daysof the meeting, pilots and engineers from the nationsbriefed their colleagues on the role that their countries will play in the future as part of the Eurofighter programme, with a view to optimizing common experiences and resources to enhance interoperability.

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