The ETIP planning and coordination activity throughout 2018 culminated in a successful VOLCANEX ETIP 18 at RAF Coningsby.  This exercise was directed by the EAG Permanent Staff, utilising Force Elements from 6 Sqn RAF (from RAF Lossiemouth), 20 Sqn ITA AF, the ‘Steinhoff’ Wing of the DEU AF, 10 Sqn RAF providing tanker support, and ground elements from the ESP AF, RAF, DEU AF and ITA AF.  Two waves of sorties were planned, regrettably one was cancelled due to inclement weather.


However, much valuable cross-pollination activity was completed, particularly with regard to maintenance and logistics events, and for the first time since 2015 Eurofighter representatives from the 4 ETIP nations were able to come together and progress matters relating to establishing commonality with operations.  Outputs from the exercise included progressing of work relating to multi-national aircraft servicing, and planning activity for future ETIP exercises.  A post-exercise report is in progress and will be distributed to participants.


In order to conduct a similar VOLCANEX ETIP in 2019, participating nations have been invited to participate in the ESP AF Exercise OCEAN SKIES 19, based in Gran Canaria, ESP in Oct 19.



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