European Air Group conducts key Force Protection Exercise

HON-OFF-20170517-0169-041The seven EAG nations plus force protection partner Norway conducted a successful multinational force protection command post exercise from 8–19 May at the Force Protection Centre at RAF Honington. The aim of the exercise, named ‘VOLCANEX FP CPX 17’, was to strengthen force protection interoperability between the participating nations, through the use of common doctrine and procedures. The Exercise was conducted in purpose-built force protection facilities provided by the UK Royal Air Force, which provided valuable support and expertise. The Exercise culminated in simulating the activity at a deployed multinational Force Protection Command Post, with subject matter experts from all of the participating nations defending a deployed operating base from multiple incidents and attacks.

‘VOLCANEX’ is the EAG’s umbrella name for its multinational exercises, through which it seeks to test and refine its products and procedures. The key to success in multinational force protection operations is to establish a robust, common level of understanding and communications between nations, so that there is no doubt amongst the participants about what to do and how to do it. Because of the substantial level of interest in this year’s exercise, it was conducted over the course of two weeks, with each week containing the same exercise for a different audience and a total of 105 personnel, players and trainers, took part. The formal Exercise De-brief is scheduled to take place at the end of June.


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