Force Protection Information Exchange Workshop


During the Serval Operation (MALI Op) EAG Air Forces deployed aircraft to several airports in Mali that were held by the French Armed Forces. However, the vital flow and the nature of information exchanged between the participating nations in advance of the deployment had not been clearly defined, with the result that there was a lack of a clear situational awareness picture. Some Nations performed their own RECCE on Bamako airfield in order to gather more detailed information, which was clearly a duplication of effort and exposed personnel to a risk already understood by, in this case, the French forces.

To improve information exchange amongst the nations and to avoid future unnecessary risk exposure of our personnel, the EAG FP branch hosted the FORCE PROTECTION INFORMATION EXCHANGE WORKSHOP in February 2015. SONY DSCThe aim of the workshop was to create a mechanism to request and share tactical Force Protection information, of unprocessed data of every description, relating to specific airfields, in a timely and standardised manner.

The EAG FORCE PROTECTION INFORMATION EXCHANGE PROCEDURE was drafted during this workshop. The approved publication is expected to be released by mid 2015.

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