Fuel Workshop makes headway on supporting multi-national operations

The EAG held a Fuel Workshop in Chalon-sur-Saone, France on 10th April 2019 which focused on the sharing of information among Fuel specialists and national subject matter experts throughout the EAG’s network. The workshop allows its members to address any lessons identified and to consider opportunities for updating the EAG SOPs and the FARP Force Integration Training (FIT) Syllabus.

The Fuel Workshop comprises one or more specialist from France, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain and is conducted under the Chairmanship of the EAG which plans under the authority of the FUEL TA. Some of the issues tackled by this workshop were:

–     NATO SD Project 1.19 – Modular Combined Petroleum Capability;
–     Fuel Support Multinational operations
–     Fuel LL/LI conclusions in Exercise Trident Juncture 2018
–     Fuel Support capability – FARP operating conditions.

The last meeting was hosted by Italy in Rome on 3rd October 2018 following the EAG Working Group decision to organize an ad-hoc Fuel Support Meeting to confirm if the EAG FARP SOP and EAG BFI SOP was to continue.


The next milestone will be the EAG FARP FIT which is scheduled to take place on June 2020 at RAF Leeming in UK, to coincide with the EPRC’ APROC 20.

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