Future Communications – Preparing for the EAG CIS Exercise

CIS picEAG national specialists for Communications and Information Systems – or ‘CIS’ – completed a highly successful Workshop in February, in order to prepare and agree the arrangements for the next EAG CIS exercise. The Workshop was held at Borgo Piave Airbase in Italy, which is also the intended exercise location, and was attended by CIS representatives from Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands, along with EAG permanent staff. The exercise will take place using the EAG’s exercise naming convention and will be conducted under the title of: ‘VOLCANEX CIS 18’. The recent Workshop confirmed the EAG’s CIS objectives for the VOLCANEX, together with action plans and logistical requirements, which include tests of air navigation equipment, Trunked Radio Systems (TETRA) and tactical satellite radios. A detailed Workshop Report has now been produced that provides the organizational framework and scheduled of events.

The VOLCANEX CIS will be an embedded EAG component of Exercise ELETTRA, which is being organized by the 4th Brigade of the Italian Air Force, in June 2018.