Ground-Ground Radio Manual

Ground-Ground Radio Manual

The aim of the project is to collect all the relevant information on the Ground-Ground Radios in use among the EAG Nations for the benefit of both planners and technicians. So far, only data regarding the Force Protection (FP) are included in the manual.
The interoperability existing among different equipment is reported in a Matrix and another cross table has been set up with all the essential features of each device.
The results of the Bench Test and Technical Meeting (also known as Volcanex-08/CIS) of March 2008 in Metz are presented as well. Also TETRA systems are dealt with as the last part of the document is dedicated to them.

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Ground Ground Radio Manual
It aims to make planners and technicians aware of the Ground Ground Radio Systems in use among the EAG Nations along with respective features and performances. The results of the Interoperability trials carried out in Metz under the auspices of the EAG are as well included.
The document is divided into the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 : Radio Equipment in use among Nations, in which all the technical data of each systems is described in full details;
  • Chapter 2 : Interoperability/Technical matrixes, summarizing the interoperability among equipment and their main technical features in two    matrixes;
  • Chapter 3 : Radio network and trial results, in which the Radio Networks tried during the Volcanex-08/CIS are described along with the related Radio Coverage achieved;
  • Chapter 4 : TETRA Systems, dealing with TETRA systems in use among the Nations;

The manual is available at the following hyperlink (password will be required):


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