MALE RPAS Training Network Gathers Pace

The joint EAG-EDA project to implement a networked system for MALE RPAS operator training has recently achieved a significant milestone with the connection of the first two national operating systems. Following the first installation of the EDA-funded RPAS Training Technology Demonstrator (RTTD) equipment in Salon de Provence in France in December 2017, RTTD equipment has subsequently been installed in Amendola Italy, enabling two systems to be linked together for the first time. This milestone has not only proved proof of concept concerning the joint Project, but has also paved the way for further installations to take place as part of a phased programme across nine participating nations throughout 2018.

The EAG component of this work is named the Interoperable MALE RPAS ISR Training Project – or ‘IMRIT’ – which concentrates on the development and implementation of training schedules in order to make best use of the RTTD equipment for interoperability purposes. The EDA-funded RTTD equipment is being delivered under contract by a consortium led by Diginext. The next phase of the Project involves the installation of RTTD equipment at Matacan Air Base, Salamanca, Spain in March, followed by Leeuwarden, Netherlands, in April. In parallel, EAG Permanent Staff are compiling storyboards, schedules and working together with the participating nations and the contractor, to enable IMRIT to reach Full Operational Capability as soon as practicable, later this year.

Both the thumbnail and article pictures are courtesy of the French Air Force.

French RPAS equipment

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