MALE RPAS Training Project Gathers Momentum

Following a tender process involving specialists from both the EAG and the European Defence Agency (EDA) the EDA has signed a contract with a DCI/ DIGINEXT consortium to build the technical equipment associated with the EAG’s MALE RPAS ISR Training Project. This Project aims to introduce a new MALE RPAS simulated training capability that can be exploited by the EAG air forces and partners on a networked basis, for the first time. With the equipment contract now signed, the EAG is proceeding with work to produce generic training serials that will utilize operational scenarios developed by the EU Military Staff (EUMS). Once implemented, this collaborative initiative, involving the EAG, EDA and EUMS will be a step change in the way that multi-national RPAS training can be conducted and could have implications for other forms of simulator training. The initial networked RPAS training exercises are forecast to take place at the end of 2017.

Additional details can be found on the EDA Website.

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