Meeting of the Euro Typhoon Interoperability Project (ETIP) – May 2016

The Euro Typhoon Interoperability Project (ETIP) is an EAG activity that is chaired by the EAG Personnel Staff since 2012. The activity includes a series of meetings, every six months and an annual live exercise VOLCANEX ETIP LIVEX, aimed at exploring the possibilities of cooperation, interoperability and standardization between the four European nations operating the Eurofighter Typhoon (Germany, Italy, Spain and UK).

Cooperation is orientated to training activities, operational enhancements, logistical and maintenance initiatives, as well as the field of Flight Safety.

The meeting, hosted by the ALA 11 of the Spanish Air Force in Moron AB from 17-18 May 2016, was mainly focused to define the initial details for the upcoming VOLCANEX ETIP LIVEX 16 and to exchange nationals’ views on training, operational experience, Flight Safety and maintenance/logistic topics. The meeting represented also a unique opportunity for the Austrian Air Force representatives, invited as observers, to share their point of view and experiences on the Typhoon with the ETIP community.20160517-ETIP_1st_Mtg_Spain

Over the two days of the meeting, pilots and engineers from the nations briefed their colleagues on the role that their countries will play in the future as part of the Eurofighter programme, with a view to optimizing common experiences and service support resources to enhance interoperability.

The next VOLCANEX ETIP LIVEX 16 is going to take place in Albacete AB (Spain) during the second semester of 2016, taking advantage of the concomitant deployment of nation’s aircrafts for the Tactical Leadership Programme Flying Course. The exercise objectives will be to consolidate and, where feasible, tactically expand the Typhoon EAG SOP agreed last year. On the maintenance side, the exercise will aim to further expand the familiarization of the ground crews with other nations´ Aircraft Ground Equipment (AGE).

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