Multinational Red Air Workshop – November 2015

DSC06536During  the 11th and 12th of November, Subject Matter Experts (SME) from all EAG nations gathered together at the EAG premises in RAF High Wycombe for the first Mutinational Red Air Requirement Workshop.

Main objective of the workshop was  for the Nations to put in common what is their understanding of a Red Air Capability to meet their future  training requirements and, building on this sharing of knowledge and ideas, to define a minimum of “Red Air” related common requirements to train together.

This EAG initiative falls within the task of scoping the broader issues impacting the interaction between 5th Generation capabilities with legacy air power concepts and capabilities.  During the workshop, SME discussed their views of “Multinational Red Air Capability Requirements” from all aspects required to meet the future advance training capabilities of a multinational air force composed of a mixed fleet of 4th and 5th gen systems, including topics such as evaluation of the opposing forces, concepts of employment, red air training requirements, airspace capacity and need for high end to-end exercises among others.

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