New Director Visits EAG Headquarters

Following his recent appointment as the Director of the EAG, the Chief of the Spanish Air Force (Ejercito Del Aire) General Javier Salto Martinez-Avial conducted a preliminary visit to the EAG Headquarters at RAF High Wycombe on 30 May. Gen Salto was accompanied by Major General Miguel Angel Martin Perez, who is the EAG 1* POC for the Spanish Air Force and also by Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Paralle, who is the Spanish EAG Working Group Representative. Discussions with the Deputy Director, the Chief of Staff and members of the Permanent Staff covered a broad spectrum of EAG activities, ranging from EAG governance to the outputs across all four EAG air power domains and the central Interoperability on Future Combined Air Operations Task. This visit was also part of Gen Salto’s preparation for his role as the Chairman of the EAG Steering Group, which comprises the seven EAG air chiefs. The next Steering Group Meeting is scheduled to take place in July.


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