Signing of the RAF High Wycombe Station Support Booklet

The Station Commander of RAF High Wycombe, Gp Capt P Arnold, met with the Chief of Staff of the European Air Group, Col H Lahille, to sign the Support Booklet at the EAG Building on the 16th of March. The booklet helps to define the formal support arrangements between RAF High Wycombe and the EAG Permanent Staff based at RAF High Wycombe,  building upon the existing higher level EAG Intergovernmental Agreement signed by all 7 EAG Nations. It helps to provide EAG Staff with detailed guidance of the support and provisions they can expect during their assignment within the EAG.

The EAG concentrates on delivering tangible outputs at the operational and tactical levels through focusing on efforts to enhance interoperability between the 7 EAG Air Forces and with Partner Nations. The UK has acted as Host Nation for the multinational EAG, and since the opening of the EAG building in June 1998 at RAF High Wycombe, the Station has provided resolute support to the staff within the organisation. The signing of the Support Booklet marks another milestone in the enduring relationship between the Station and the EAG.

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