Sweden officially joins EAG Force Protection Technical Arrangement

The primary purpose of the European Air Group is to improve operational capabilities among
its seven Air Forces, focussing its efforts on delivering tangible outputs, primarily through
enhanced interoperability at the tactical and operational levels.

In the area of Force Protection (FP), the EAG created the Technical Arrangement concerning
Survive to Operate and Force Protection in the field of Air Force activity (STOX). This STOX TA
acts as the framework for cooperation between nations, promoting and facilitating training,
as well as exchanges of information and interaction between personnel. It was signed in June
2002, and a year later Norway formally joined.

The EAG STOX TA Coordination Board is the established body which supports the activities
under the arrangement. It normally meets biannually at the EAG Building in RAF High
Wycombe, United Kingdom, and amongst the topics discussed are the yearly EAG FP Seminar,
the EAG VOLCANEX FP series of exercises and any other EAG Force Protection related

After attending the STOX TA Coordination Board (CB) for some years as an observer, Sweden
had requested to officially become a participant in the EAG FP activities, and the staffing of
the second Amending Protocol to the nine nations’ Air Chiefs was initiated. With the final Air
Chief signature made on the 6th of November 2020, Sweden has now officially joined the EAG
STOX-TA. During the last EAG STOX TA Coordination Board meeting, held on the 1st of
December 2020, Sweden was welcomed as the newest additional Partner Nation of the EAG.

Unfortunately, due to the present COVID-19 travel restrictions, the STOX TA CB could only
meet once this year and the meeting this time was held using video teleconferencing. This
format was a first of its kind for the EAG Force Protection community, and while it provides a
good way of keeping the network in touch, it does not fully replace the more fruitful, and rich,
discussions encountered during the biannual “live” meetings.

Enriched by this extended membership, the EAG Force Protection community is looking
forward to further fruitful combined activities within the next years, aimed at an improved
interoperability among its Air Forces.

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