The EAG Force Protection Command & Control Handbook

After its inception in March 2019 and following 16 months of determined and focused work by its Force Protection Team, the EAG Permanent Staff is proud to release the first edition of the EAG Force Protection Command and Control Handbook (EAG FP C2 Handbook).

Continuing from a previous project which produced the “Think-Piece on Force Protection Command and Control” in collaboration with the Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC), the handbook consequently incorporates the Think-Piece’s fundamental principles. At its core, it combines the experiences, lessons learned and best practices of the EAG Nations and the EAG Partner Nations in Force Protection with basic NATO Force Protection documents and doctrines.

It is designed to support FP commanders and FP personnel at the operational-tactical level with easily accessible up-to-date sets of documents enhancing interoperability in combined Air FP Headquarters and Command Posts during exercises and operations.

In order to keep the handbook current, it will be reviewed and, where necessary, updated every two years. This will ensure that the hands-on product is current, and fully supporting interoperability among the EAG Nations and NATO.

The EAG FP C2 Handbook bears the marking “EAG Parties’ Eyes Only, Releasable to NATO”. Entities and organizations that are interested in a copy of the handbook and belong to either of the afore mentioned parties are invited to send their request to



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