VOLCANEX CIS 19 execution phase in Woensdrecht (NLD) – 01-12 Jul 2019

from the 01 to 12 July y 2019, the VOLCANEX CIS 19 execution phase took place at the NLD Woensdrecht Air Base.

NLD was both the Host Nation and a participating Nation.

BEL, DEU, ESP, ITA were the other participating Nations.

FRA was an observing Nation.

The main objectives of the exercise were:

    1. Objective 1: To enhance interoperability in the CIS domains:
    2. •Objective 2: To train EAG Nations CIS technicians in multinational environment;
    3. •Objective 3: To update the EAG CIS manuals.

EAG Nations went through each of the three objectives so that they developed their ability for deploying their national CIS assets and make all those CIS assets work together.

In the coming years EAG nations will participate to the next VOLCANEX CIS sessions with the aim to better deploy and maintain the necessary CIS for running a Deployable Operational Base (DOB).