VOLCANEX CIS 19 workshop in Woensrecht (NLD) – 02-03 Feb 2019

On the 06 and 07 February 2019, the VOLCANEX CIS 19 workshop took place at the NLD Woensdrecht Air Base.

The aim of this workshop was to:

  1. Conduct the Site Survey;
  2. Identify the tests to be done during the Exercise;
  3. Schedule the VOLCANEX CIS 19 Execution Phase;
  4. Describe the tests in detail;
  5. Plan the tests to be conducted during the VOLCANEX CIS 19 Execution Phase;
  6. Identify specific logistic requirements;
  7. Establish actions lists.

Prior to quickly and efficiently deploy the tactical CIS necessary for running a Deployable Operational Base (DOB) it is necessary to trial CIS assets provided by the EAG Nations.

After this workshop EAG Nations went one step further to their ability for deploying their national CIS assets and make all those CIS assets work together.