2 - Comms and Info Sys (CIS) / Cyber

EAG CIS Meeting 2015

02 July 2015

EAG CIS Meeting 2015 This year the EAG organised the first of its biannual CIS meetings at the French Air Force Academy in Salon de Provence. We were welcomed by Brigade General Pollet, commander of the school.  After a presentation on the school and a visit to the CIS related departments, the CIS subject matter experts […]

CIS Meetings

09 June 2014

CIS Meetings CIS Meetings with the EAG Nations’ CIS Subject Matters Experts are held twice a year. They offer a forum to exchange information on CIS matters and plan future CIS activities. Reports of previous CIS Meetings: – CIS Meeting November 2014 – CIS Meeting March 2014 – CIS Meeting November 2013 – CIS Meeting […]

VTC Project

12 March 2014

VTC Project VTC (Video Tele Conferencing) is more and more used by civilian companies and administration as a mean to reduce travelling expenses. Its advantages over phone call are the possibility to see your correspondent and also to display graphics and presentations alongside video pictures. Moreover, most of the EAG Air Forces already have VTC […]